Problems with Student Behaviour
In many countries schools have severe problems with student behaviour.

What do you think are the causes of this?
What solutions can you suggest?

Synonyms & Paraphrases of Words in the Question
Original Words & Phrases Synonyms & Paraphrases
problems with student behaviour students with (undesirable/unacceptable/deviant) behaviour
(undesirable/unacceptable/deviant/problematic) student behaviour
students with behavioural problems
student misbehaviour
misbehaviour among students
Causes of undesirable student behaviour
Words & Phrases Example
students lack discipline
lack of discipline among students
lack of parental involvement in children's lives
lack of parental (love/care)
students watch TV programs with inappropriate content
adversely influenced by
Solutions to undesirable student behaviour
Words & Phrases Example
reestablish discipline
ensure that poor behaviour is punished
ensure that students do not watch TV programs with inappropriate content
(introduce/enforce) stricter rules
take serious action against those who (break/disregard/violate/flout/are in breach of) the rules
reward students who display good behaviour
Other Vocabulary
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Words & Phrases Example
Important Notes
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  1. Kum Hee says:

    classes are too large for teachers to control
    disruptive behaviour
    teachers and parents are too lenient
    discipline is too lax
    discipline is not strict enough
    stringent rules
    (draw up/establish/formulate/impose) more stringent rules
    make students (abide by/adhere to/follow) the rules by (imposing/administering/meting out/handing out) stricter punishment for those who (break/disregard/flout/violate) the rules
    deter students from misbehaving
    preventive discipline
    parents could instil good moral values in their children by setting a good example in their own lives
    parental neglect
    parents should take responsibility for their children’s behaviour

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