Parents Putting Pressure on Children to Succeed
Nowadays, most parents put a lot of pressure on their children to succeed.

What are the reasons for doing so?
Does this have a positive or a negative effect on children in general?

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  1. parents exert a(n) (enormous/tremendous/great) amount of pressure on children to achieve success
    parents (push/pressure) children to achieve success
    children are pressured to achieve success
    children (are under/come under) (enormous/tremendous/great) pressure to achieve success
    there is (enormous/tremendous/great) pressure on children to achieve success
    affect children (positively/negatively)
    (have/exert) a (positive/beneficial/favourable/negative/adverse/damaging) (impact/influence) on children
    parents expect their children to get a job in a prestigious company
    parents will be proud if their children do well in their studies
    prepare children to enter a good university
    (encourage/promote) a competitive spirit in children
    prepare them for their future working life when they will need to be ready to compete with their peers for promotion
    cause children to strive harder than they would without the pressure
    excel academically
    pursue academic success
    children with parents who have high expectations of them tend to study hard to fulfill those expectations
    some children are lazy and need a (prod/push) in order to fulfill their potential
    have a brighter future
    not have to (depend/rely) on their parents
    parents will not need to worry so much about their children

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