Traffic Congestion
Traffic congestion is becoming a huge problem for many major cities.

Discuss the causes of this and suggest some measures that could be taken solve this problem.

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  1. Priscilia says:

    Causes for Traffic congestion
    1) Traffic demand exceeds roadway capacity
    – Inescapable condition in all large and growing cosmopolitan areas across the world in which people drive their vehicles into the city center to get to work.
    – Traffic condition worsen during peak-hour.

    2) The increase in population and wealth of city dwellers
    – increase in purchasing power
    – over-reliance on vehicle from point to point

  2. Priscilia says:

    Solutions/ Remedies for traffic congestion
    1) Higher tax on vehicle ownership
    – Traffic congestion may plummet if peak-hour tolls is enforced
    – impose a levy on vehicle possession

    2) Expand road and public transport capacity
    – construct additional roads to accommodate more drivers during rush-hour
    – enhance public transport system to discourage city dwellers to drive unnecessarily
    – relocation of industries to the outskirt of the city to reduce the inflow of commuters to the city center

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