Dangerous Sports
Some sports are extremely dangerous.

Why do you think people are still doing them?
How can the risk be minimised?

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  1. thrill seeker
    get a thrill out of
    love taking risks
    (come face to face/confront) with their fears
    safety precautions should be taken
    use safety equipment
    reduce risk element
    be under the close supervision of experts
    wear protective gear
    keep the risk of injuring oneself to a minimum
    experience/incur minimal risk of injuring onself
    make this sports less risky
    eliminate the element of risk

  2. Teck Eng says:

    glory and fame
    receive sponsorship
    product endorsement
    mitigate the risk
    pursuing the sport
    rewarding career
    motivated by lucrative rewards/prizes
    some reasonable precautions should be taken to alleviate/reduce the severity of accidents
    undergo/receive sufficient training
    people should receive adequate guidance from professional coaches
    athletes should get enough practice in a safe environment

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