The Internet vs. Libraries
Some people think that libraries are useful for getting information. Others think that computers are more useful than libraries and libraries are a waste of money and resources.

Discuss both views and give your own opinion.

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libraries are more useful (adj) libraries are more beneficial (adj)
we benefit (v) more from using libraries
there are more benefits (n) to using the library
it is better to use the library to…
get information (source for/acquire/find/obtain) (information/knowledge)
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  1. Find/obtain information
    Acquire/gain/broaden/increase/improve knowledge
    Effective/convenient way of acquiring knowledge
    Largely/practically obsolete
    Render libraries obsolete
    More credible/reliable/trustworthy information
    Extremely convenient
    Up-to-date information
    Incredibly efficient
    Encounter more vivid material – video, images
    Gain/have access to the internet quite easily wherever you are

  2. Collocations
    1) Play a vital role
    2) Take part in competition
    3) Promote the spirit of
    4) Source of research
    5) Gain knowledge
    6) Visit library
    7) Come across someone / something
    8) Library has … (not library provides …)
    9) Store data
    10) Get lesson
    11) Storehouses of knowledge

    1) educate = development
    2) increase = raise

  3. Shui Ran says:

    individually selected by a trained professional
    interpret difficult concepts
    publicly accessible websites
    educational content
    able to be authenticated
    The ability to access the very latest information

  4. Shui Ran says:

    more (reliable/trustworthy) information

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