Earning Money
Some people believe that earning money is to enjoy life whereas others believe that earning money is to provide for the future.

Discuss both views and give your own opinion

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earn money to enjoy life prefer to (lead a hedonistic life/live life to the full/live the high life) now with no concerns about (saving/preparing) for the (future/coming years)
money should be used now instead of in the future
earn money to provide for the future begin (preparing/saving/investing) for the future as soon as possible
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  1. Collocations:
    1) build career
    2) allocate the use of money effectively
    3) (face/cope with/be under) considerable pressure
    4) spend money (on) doing
    5) expensive goods (provide/bring/give) us a (sense/feeling) of (tremendous/immense) satisfaction
    6) we (derive/gain/get) a (sense/feeling) of (tremendous/immense) satisfaction from purchasing and using expensive goods
    7) expensive goods are a source of (tremendous/immense) satisfaction for many people
    7) conspicuous consumption

    1) expensive = costly
    2) sure = inevitable

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